2020 95th Birthday Special Edition

The Power of Sai’s Love

Aditya Nittala

Being born a human being on this earth is a blessing, and having Swami as our divine father, mother, friend, guru and God is much more than a blessing. Each passing day in His immediate presence was an experience of immense Bliss.  Swami works silently through the power of love and that love has transformed my life for the better. I was blessed to have Swami’s Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan in my 3rd std when Swami visited the Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar School at Rajahmundry. Swami pointed to a quote on the wall, which read – “Be Lamps of Love”- and told us to instill love in our hearts and become lamps of love. That statement has deeply inspired me through my life and showed me that we are all sparks of the divine and that love is the only instrument to reach the Divine Lotus Feet.

I always think of those special blissful moments and memories in Swami’s divine omnipresence which have made a big impact in my life. With His blessings and grace, I secured admission in 5th grade in Swami’s Primary school. I did not have a name because my parents were waiting for Swami to give me a name. I was registered with a generic name – “Babu” – in my school. When I was in my 9th grade in the Higher Secondary School, Swami named me Aditya. Swami took care of me as the divine loving mother while He also gave a new lease of life to my parents. I would like to narrate two instances where He saved my mother and father.

My mother was diagnosed with a heart problem and when I informed Swami, He reassured me it would be alright saying it was merely a ‘gas’ problem. Doctors advised my mother to get operated and when we informed Swami. He told us not to worry, saying He would take care of her. He gave us Vibhuti packets. With Swami’s blessings the operation was successful. We realized that Swami had already cured my mother when He said it was a ‘gas’ problem. Two months after the operation, Swami came directly to me and asked, “How is your mother?” “She is fine by your grace, Swami”, I replied.  Swami never forgets us even though we may forget to express our gratitude. I learnt then that we need to always be grateful to Bhagawan who is always guiding and protecting us.  

My father was a spiritual seeker from his childhood. He had studied the scriptures and always desired for Moksha (spiritual liberation). He thought Moksha can be attained by ending one’s life. One day he decided to end his life and jumped into a well. There was a loud splash and father had sunk 25 feet into the well and touched the bottom. All of a sudden there was a thrust from the bottom which propelled my father to the top of the well and back to life. When my father went to Puttaparthi, Swami said to him, “Moksha can be attained only by rigorous Sadhana (spiritual practice) and complete surrender.” My father took voluntary retirement from his job and came to Puttaparthi to take up service and engage in intense prayers. One day when he was seated in the room in prayer, Swami appeared before him and created Vibhuti and put it in his mouth. Thereafter, my father’s soul merged in Swami.

When one has total faith and surrenders to Swami, even the highest desire for spiritual liberation is attained. Swami says, “If you take one step towards me, I will take a hundred towards you.” If we spare a few moments thinking of Him, He is ready to shower His grace upon us.

I offer my gratitude and pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of our dearest Mother Sai who is always with us and guiding us. I humbly pray that He makes us worthy instruments in His divine mission.

Aditya Nittala Primary School in Prasanthi Nilayam (joined in 1986 and completed his 10th grade in 1992). He currently works as a Functional Business Consultant in Hyderabad. He is involved in the Seva activities of the Prashanti Nagar Samithi in Hyderabad.